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Our Expertise

We are experts in:

Platform-Related Services

We provide cloud-based development and automation services (using cloud service providers ServiceNow, SalesForce, SugarCRM, Amazon Connect, etc.) to transform your business processes.

Prompt Engineering

Specializing in tailored AI prompts, our team ensures precise and relevant AI responses, enhancing user interactions and task-specific communication.

Generative AI Development

At the vanguard of AI, we offer bespoke generative AI solutions. Leveraging models like GPT-4 and Llama, we amplify business efficiency and drive innovation.

Software Engineering

We provide effective digital solutions backed by our considerable expertise across a range of software engineering services and industry sectors. We analyze your requirements then design, build, and test the software products.

System Architecture &Design

Our engineers build the architecture that defines how your software performs and adapts to your changing business needs. Technical debt is minimized while reducing effort and cost.

Business Analysis and Consulting

We align the technology stack, development methodology and resources, analyze the market, and evaluate possible risks for your business success.


Our DevOps solutions automate inefficiencies and improve the quality and reliability of your software. All necessary features, updates, and fixes are included  for faster deployment, better code security, and new functionality predictions.

Quality Assurance & Testing

We perform testing and quality assurance throughout the entire development cycle to ensure a smooth user experience. Thus, you expend fewer resources on bug fixing and get a high-quality product.

System Integration Services

We connect systems (hardware and software) into one functioning mechanism, organized and well-coordinated.

Maintenance and Support

We provide a full cycle of effective IT software maintenance and support services to ensure your product is bug-free at deployment and guarantee the desired user experience.

Next-Generation Networking

We design solutions for your industry and implement them with next-generation networking services. Share data faster and collaborate globally on our hassle-free fiber network.

Our Services

Our services include


Extend your team by hiring remote developers from our pool of highly qualified candidates. Contracts start from six months and are based on monthly invoices.

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Direct Hiring

Hire experienced specialists directly to your team, and forget about the recruiting routine. For a reasonable fee, we’ll take care of finding, screening, and selecting qualified remote developers.

Learn more direct hiring

Project-Based Work

Engage with a specialized team tailored to bring your unique project to life. From inception to completion, we ensure a perfect alignment with your specific requirements and vision.

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Dedicated Teams

Find and hire skilled tech-savvy talents to develop/customize your project or help with various ongoing work tasks on a time and material basis.

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Great quality at a reasonable price and excellent customer relationship management

We used CodeGenix services to extend our software development team in order the increase our delivery speed. CodeGenix provided great talent in a short period of time, helping our company to achieve the goals.

Project Manager
1 Java Developer
react icon
2 React Developers

CodeGenix has been a valuable partner to us, they continue to identify talented developers who are hardworking team players”

CodeGenix team has been a delight to work with and continues to present qualified candidates for our specialty developer roles. The contractors have all been very professional and masters of their craft.

Talent Acquisition and Culture Operations
4 React Developers
node js icon
1 Node.js  Developer

“All the signs, from what I can see, look like the Engineer was able to jump right in and do a great job!”

CodeGenix helped us to find the right candidates to join our team. They screened, interviewed  and offered skilled developers to start working on our project.

People and Operations Manager at AI-related company
1 Python Developer
1 DevOps Engineer

“Thank you for all your help!”

CodeGenix contributed greatly to the expansion of the development team. In a short time, a qualified team of mobile developers, frontend  and database engineers started working on the company’s product development.

HR Manager at a cloud-based engagement management software company
2 React/React Native
1 Database Engineer
1 IOS Developer                       
1 Android Developer
Talent Pool

Our experts in key programming tech

Looking for other technical opportunities? Our candidate pool is a great place to find seasoned developers tailored to your needs

Need a different tech stack?

CodeGenix can help you in a short time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers

Embarking on a digital journey or navigating the world of software solutions can be filled with complexities. But worry not, we're here to simplify things for you. From understanding the nuances of our services to getting insights into best practices, our FAQ section addresses the common queries we encounter.

Outstaffing, direct hiring, dedicated teams, or project-based work – what should I choose?

Outstaffing is best suited if you're looking to occasionally expand your team with specific specialists and aren't committed to in-house hiring. It's an excellent avenue for securing niche roles or professionals with unique skill sets.

Dedicated teams are your go-to option if you need specialists to drive an entire digital project, or specific segments of it, especially if you currently lack the necessary developers. If you're overwhelmed with ongoing development tasks and need to accelerate them, a dedicated team offers experienced specialists ready to integrate with your objectives immediately. This model also offers cost benefits, as there's no need for equipment purchases or office rentals.

Direct hiring is optimal if you're experienced with international recruitment and prefer having an employee directly within your locale. Here, we partner with you to identify the ideal candidate that aligns with your needs. This entails contractual agreement, comprehensive candidate search, and end-to-end recruitment support.

Project-based work is tailored for businesses that have a specific, well-defined project in mind. Rather than a continuous engagement, you commission us to complete particular projects, from inception to delivery. This approach is especially beneficial if you have fluctuating workloads or require expertise for a unique, one-off project.

In conclusion, the best choice hinges on your specific needs, goals, and circumstances. Let's discuss further to pinpoint the most effective strategy for you.

I’m interested in hiring remote workers. Where do I start?

To get started, contact us so that we can understand which of the services will suit you best – outstaffing, direct hiring, or dedicated teams. Share the details of your project or job description with us, and we will advise you and offer the best solution.

How long does it take to fill a vacancy? 

We make every effort to close vacancies as early as possible. But it all depends on the complexity of the vacancy and the qualifications of the required candidate. The more experienced the specialist you need or the rarer the technologies used on your project, the longer the search can be. But on average, finding and hiring a candidate takes from 2 weeks to a month.

How can I track the progress of a project?

Throughout the work of your dedicated team, a project manager oversees the project and updates you with regular progress reports. 

With outstaffing and direct hiring, hired developers are part of your structure, and you can communicate with them directly.

I am a developer, and I want to cooperate with you; who should I contact?

We are always happy to consider your candidacy! Please proceed to our   careers page   and send us your CV.

How does CodeGenix differ from its competitors?

In unity there’s strength. CodeGenix is a team of experienced professionals who offer quality hiring services and strong development teams.

Some people believe that remote developers can never become sufficiently involved in a project to approach the work with the passion of an in-house team and may not even be properly qualified for the task. But this definitely does not apply to us.

We take an individual approach to every client’s needs. Using our experience and the latest technologies, we collaborate with talented specialists and are actively involved in their continuous development. Most of our engineers are not only strong in their main stack but also in secondary domains (at home with multiple technologies).

We conduct pre-screening of the candidates and can manage tech screening too. Our team also provides support throughout the entire recruiting and hiring process. In the rare event that something goes wrong, we provide offer replacement or consulting. 

Everything we do aims to achieve your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What is the cost of your services?

Since every project is unique, it’s impossible to give precise numbers. We determine the price based on your specific needs, the number of specialists involved, the duration of the project, and other factors. We provide high-quality services at reasonable prices. Please contact us to find out the cost of your project.

Is my data protected if I partner with CodeGenix?

Yes, rest assured, your data is protected. We have perfected our security and policy structure—our outstaff engineers fulfil project requirements while working within the client’s structure.

My project needs technologies that are not on your list. Can you help me?

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team of specialists, we can usually find members who work with the technology you require. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us with the details so that we can find the best solution.

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