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Hire top-notch specialists in a short time and with minimal effort directly to your team – we take care of the search and selection of candidates who match your tech needs.

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Your needs:
Minimum project duration:
Time to fill the vacancy/start working on your project:
Minimum amount of people to be hired:
Operating expenses:
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Grow your team with skilled remote developers, vetted according to your requirements
Tailored team arrangement
6 months
2-4 weeks
Starts from 1
Covered by us
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Your needs:
Minimum project duration:
Time to fill the vacancy/start working on your project:
Minimum amount of people to be hired:
Operating expenses:
Project Management:
Cooperation models:

Direct Hiring

Get professional assistance in finding and hiring candidates for your staff
Perfect match
Not set
2-4 weeks
Starts from 1
Your responsibility
Your responsibility
Service fee

Time spent on recruitment process:
Custom technical screening:
Predictable talent pipeline:
Cost of employee:
Failure rate:
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Hiring with CodeGenix team

2-6 weeks
Optimized budget
Very Low
6+ months

Hiring with In-house recruiting team

8-12 weeks
High cost
Long-term involvement

Benefits of hiring a dedicated team with us

Assistance at every stage

We provide support throughout the entire search and recruitment process. Selection of suitable candidates, interviews, scheduling meetings etc.

Skilled HR

The high competence of our recruiters, an individual approach to each candidate, as well as latest hiring tools and methods allow us to find great people in the shortest possible time.

Save your time and resources

The sooner you find a specialist and fill a vacancy, the sooner they start working and generating income. Trust professionals to find a skilled engineer for you fast.

Result-oriented approach

We are looking for candidates who strictly meet your requirements. So you get exactly what you need.

Our process

How we work

Direct hiring Steps

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Great quality at a reasonable price and excellent customer relationship management

We used CodeGenix services to extend our software development team in order the increase our delivery speed. CodeGenix provided great talent in a short period of time, helping our company to achieve the goals.

Project Manager
1 Java Developer
react icon
2 React Developers

CodeGenix has been a valuable partner to us, they continue to identify talented developers who are hardworking team players”

CodeGenix team has been a delight to work with and continues to present qualified candidates for our specialty developer roles. The contractors have all been very professional and masters of their craft.

Talent Acquisition and Culture Operations
4 React Developers
node js icon
1 Node.js  Developer

“All signs, from what I can see, look like the Engineer been able to jump right in and do a great job!”

CodeGenix helped us to find the right candidates to join our team. They screened, interviewed and offered skilled developers to start working on our project.

People and Operations Manager at AI-related company
1 Python Developer
1 DevOps Engineer

“Thank you for all your help!”

CodeGenix contributed greatly to the expansion of the development team. In a short time, a qualified team of mobile developers, frontend  and database engineers started working on the company’s product development.

HR Manager at a cloud-based engagement management software company
2 React/React Native
1 Database Engineer
1 IOS Developer                       
1 Android Developer

Take advantage of hiring software developers with us

Augment your staff with remote tech talent or develop custom solutions with a dedicated team. Explore other CodeGenix services and reach your goals in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers

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What is a direct hiring service?

Direct Hiring is a service that allows you to hire top-notch specialists in a short time and with minimal effort because we take care of the search and selection of candidates who match your tech needs. The person you have chosen becomes a part of your company and you fully manage the further cooperation process.

What specialists can I find using Direct Hiring service?

Any kind of technical talent is at your service – Software Developers, DevOps, Cloud Engineers, UI/UX Designers, Project Managers, QA Engineers, Business Analysts, Data Scientists, and anyone else you need. Contact us, share your requirements, and quickly fill the necessary positions.

What if I don't know how to hire international employees?

You can either choose the outstaffing service option or, if you have an in-house only requirement, our consulting service can advise you on international hiring.

Is there a minimum term for hiring a specialist?

Our task is to help you find the candidates you need. This service does not have a minimum contract period. You are hiring a person directly to your staff; therefore, it’s up to you to negotiate the terms and conditions with your chosen specialists.

Do you help with the technical interviews?

Sure! If necessary, we can help with the candidate’s technical interview. CodeGenix is highly technological company with a great number of engineers who can even handle technical interviews if you don’t have CTO or VP of Engineering onboard or just don’t want to waste your time on interviews.

What is the minimum number of specialists I can hire?

It all starts with 1 person and ends with as many as you need.

How do you deal with time zone differences and communication barriers?

We try to select specialists who are happy to work within your time zone or with an overlap of several hours. Our engineers speak English at a high level, and we can find professionals who speak other languages as well.

What’s the difference between outstaffing, direct hiring, and a dedicated team?

Outstaffing is more appropriate if you need to expand the team with one or several specialists and are not limited to in-house hiring. It is also great for filling niche positions or finding candidates with specific skills.

If you need specialists to create all or part of a digital project, or your company is overloaded with ongoing development tasks and needs to speed them up, then a dedicated team is by far the best option as you get experienced specialists ready to start cooperating with you right away. It also keeps costs down because you don’t need to purchase any equipment or rent an office.

And if you already have experience with international recruitment, direct hiring is your best bet. The recruiting process allows you to hire employees directly into your team with our help. In this case, we conclude a contract and look for the most suitable candidate for your requirements. We also assist you at all stages of the search and recruitment.

Conclusion – it all depends on the specific case and requires additional discussion.

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