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Assemble a team of remote engineers

We provide you with a variety of specialists from Project Managers, Software Engineers, and QA specialists to Designers and DevOps professionals to resolve your specific case and control your expenses without losing quality.

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What is a dedicated team?

Dedicated team is a group of highly skilled and totally focused on your project remote engineers. CodeGenix assembles the specialists according to your specific needs and requirements but always with quick and quality results in mind. This is a remote team that feels like in-house 

Stop wasting time on searching, hiring, and managing procedures  – start accelerating your project development  with CodeGenix dedicated teams.

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Benefits of hiring a dedicated team with us

Focus on the core

Feel free to switch to core business activities – entrust development issues to our skilled and highly motivated specialists.

Quick start

No need to set up infrastructure and train new staff – start working on your business solutions immediately.

Effective management

The project manager or team leader will coordinate all tasks, schedules, payrolls, and other issues.

In step with the times

Be the first to adopt new, cutting-edge technology while maintaining industry standards and regulations.

Our process

How we work

Direct hiring Steps

What our Clients are saying

Great quality at a reasonable price and excellent customer relationship management

We used CodeGenix services to extend our software development team in order the increase our delivery speed. CodeGenix provided great talent in a short period of time, helping our company to achieve the goals.

Project Manager
1 Java Developer
react icon
2 React Developers

CodeGenix has been a valuable partner to us, they continue to identify talented developers who are hardworking team players”

CodeGenix team has been a delight to work with and continues to present qualified candidates for our specialty developer roles. The contractors have all been very professional and masters of their craft.

Talent Acquisition and Culture Operations
4 React Developers
node js icon
1 Node.js  Developer

“All signs, from what I can see, look like the Engineer been able to jump right in and do a great job!”

CodeGenix helped us to find the right candidates to join our team. They screened, interviewed and offered skilled developers to start working on our project.

People and Operations Manager at AI-related company
1 Python Developer
1 DevOps Engineer

“Thank you for all your help!”

CodeGenix contributed greatly to the expansion of the development team. In a short time, a qualified team of mobile developers, frontend  and database engineers started working on the company’s product development.

HR Manager at a cloud-based engagement management software company
2 React/React Native
1 Database Engineer
1 IOS Developer                       
1 Android Developer

Need another service? Take advantage of hiring software developers with us

We’ll also assist in augmenting your staff with remote developers or hiring developers directly. Explore other services and reach your goals faster than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between outstaffing, direct hiring, and dedicated team?

Outstaffing is more appropriate if you need to expand the team with one or several specialists and you are not limited to inhouse hiring. It is also a great chance to fill niche positions or find candidates with specific skills.

If you need specialists to create a whole digital project or its part, you are sinking  in ongoing development tasks of your company (to speed them up), then a dedicated team is by far the best option as you get experienced specialists ready to start cooperating with you right away. It also keeps costs down because you don’t need to purchase any equipment or rent an office.

And if you already have experience with international recruitment then direct hiring is your best bet. It is a recruiting process that allows you to hire an employee directly into  your team with our help. In this case, we conclude a contract and look for the most suitable candidate for your requirements, as well as provide you with assistance at all stages of the search and recruitment.

Conclusion – it all depends on the specific case and requires additional discussion.

How is the service paid?

We provide hiring a dedicated team on a time and material basis. Contact us to find out more.

Is my data protected if I partner with CodeGenix?

Yes, rest assured, your data is protected. We have perfected our security and policy structure—our outstaff engineers fulfil project requirements while working within the client’s structure.

What is the minimum contract term?

The minimum contract term is six months.

How do you deal with time zone differences and communication barriers?

We try to select specialists who are ready to work within your time zone or with an overlapping of several hours. Our engineers speak English at a high level and we can find professionals who speak other languages as well.

My project needs technologies that are not on your list. Can you help me?

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team of specialists, we can usually find members who work with the technology you require. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us with the details so that we can find the best solution.

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